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22 May 2014 @ 11:47 am

Title: Undecided.
Author: pandaseatpocky
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fluff
Length: Prologue/?
Rating: PG
Summary: This is a story, one of the many, that I day dream about. This one is special to me. As much as I love my reality, I enjoy living in a fantasy world inside my head, where I'm the lead character. I will write this story in first person POV so, if you wish, you can pretend that you yourself are the protagonist of the story. This story is very free flowing, it is my fantasy after all. I have a major love for a certain person in Korea. You will find out whom I'm referring to as the story unravels. Expect more soon. We are just getting started.

Five hours have passed by since I first stepped foot onto the welcoming grounds of Seoul, South Korea. Coming off of the plane was... An experience I won't soon forget.

Imagine being tossed into a jungle on your own, surrounded by animals you couldn't communicate with. Maybe that sounds like a nightmare, but add a warm fuzzy feeling in your gut and a view that could take your breath away.

People had pushed past me, knocking into my shoulders, making me lose my footing. I could hear the barrage of frustrated whispers and complaints, I could feel their glares and their hateful sneers, like a cyclone of negativity to welcome me to my new home. With the little bits of knowledge of the Korean language I'd managed to soak up before coming here, I could make out only a few comments here and there. 'Idiot', 'Move out of the way!'

My feet were bolted to the floor as my gaze swept over the breathtaking scenery in front of me. It was this magical moment, like from a movie. Everything felt so surreal and distant, as if I were watching my life on a television screen. It looked and felt like everything I had imagined it would. No, no. That's not true. It was even better.

I can't remember how long it really took for me to realize that I wasn't dreaming. I also don't remember how long it took for me to finally wave down a taxi. There were so many people in just one little space it seemed. So many people all going in different directions. I don't think of this as a bad moment for me, even in a moment of slight panic and minor claustrophobia. I've always enjoyed the thought of city life. Being surrounded by so many people every day, how could I feel lonely?

It was just as exciting and beautiful to watch the scenery fly by through a glass window. Even with all of the hustle and bustle of this busy city my heart filled with an overwhelming sense of happiness and belonging. As if for my whole life, this is where I was meant to end up. I've always been the emotional sap type, so for tears to spring to my eyes wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I can admit now that amongst the joy I felt peering out of that window watching the streets go by, I was scared.

The movers just arrived at my new home with all of my belongings. I could have checked myself into a nearby hotel to catch a few hours of much needed rest, but I was too excited to sleep. As I paced the floors of my new apartment, I couldn't keep the smile off of my face.

For the first time in 10 years, since the day I began my love affair with all things Korean culture, I'm here. My dream has come true and I feel like nothing could crush my spirit.

Somebody is watching over me, of this I know for certain. Never have I truly been able to imagine something like this to really happen to a girl like me. I come from a small little town in America, the country where all of your dreams can come true. For me though, all of my dreams are in South Korea. Just standing here, me feet planted firmly on its grounds, a sense of belonging is welling up inside. I can feel tears trying to prick at the back of my eyes again and I drop my face into my hands.

"Are you.. Alright?" Somebody inquires, close to me. His voice is deep and from his accent I can tell that English is definitely not his first language. He's certainly understandable, that's what matters most really.

I guess I look pathetic. I'm standing in front of a gorgeous home, crying yet again over the simplest of things. Pity me, my actions cry out. Pity the poor little American girl. I feel ashamed that that is my first though. I can never give somebody the benefit of the doubt before I choose to judge them.

"It's English, right?" He questions again.

It's not difficult to assume that I would speak English. I'm pale skinned with dark blonde hair. I knew I should have dyed it before coming to South Korea. Standing out was never something I enjoyed.

Sniffling and wiping my eyes clear of pestering tears, I nod my head without looking up. "I'm okay." I mutter and I can hear the revolting shaking of my voice as I speak. I sigh heavily, blinking my eyes to readjust them to the brightness of the day. "Thank you for your concern, but-" I turn my head up to look at him in my lousy attempt to smile and reassure him that I really don't need him to worry about me. I would much rather be a loner until I can get accustomed to my surroundings. My voice cracks and disappears as soon as my gaze lands on his features.

He's tall, like really tall. He's the kind of guy that's really skinny and lean looking. He must tower over me at least eight or nine inches. His skin is tanned, sort of like an olive complexion and his eyes are a deep dark brown. His hair is very voluminous, styled mostly to one side. It kind of looks like he had a mushroom cut, but in a sexy slipped out sort of way. He's wearing a royal blue button up dress shirt and a pair of expensive looking khakis. Normally khakis are a really big turn off for me, but with his tall sleek features, on him it does really well.

"But?" His head turns slightly to the right as he asks.

I furrow my eyebrows at him, suddenly confused. "Excuse me?"

A quirky smile lifts the tall mans lips and he emits a small chuckle. His voice is so deep and smooth. "You were saying something. You stopped in the middle of your sentence."

Something about this man seems really familiar. His smile is striking I notice. He's very handsome, I can tell he does really well with the ladies. I'm usually very sensitive to people's personalities, and this guy is coming off very kind and authentic. If I could have chosen the first person I would really have a conversation with on my very first day in Seoul, South Korea, I don't think I would have chosen any differently than fate did. This guy was kind of... Perfect. At first impression of course.

"Oh." I whisper, making an apologetic expression. "I don't really remember what I was going to say."

He laughs again, longer this time. The warmth in his voice is inviting and I find myself smiling along with him. He takes his hand from his pocket and offers it in front of me. "Well, forgetful, I'm your neighbor." As I grasp his hand, he cups the backside of my hand with his other one and steps back to bow in greeting. I am speechless, left unaware of what I should do in response. Would it be right for me to now back?

Another chuckle graces my ears. I'm so glad he finds me funny. "I have to go now," He says with a smile still in his voice. I feel myself yearning for him not to leave. I still haven't figured out why he looks so familiar. "But I'll be back later tonight if you still need help moving in and getting settled."

The man turns around to point at a home two doors down from my own. "That's where I live, if you ever need anything." With another quick bow and a tiny smirk he probably thought I missed, he let's go of my hand and turns to leave.

I realize abruptly that this is what love at first sight must be.